New Age Romance

I wrote a similar blog post a few weeks ago but I had the spirit to write about this today opposed to the 99 other shitty ideas I had.

Perhaps mentally and emotionally I’m stuck in a past time. What happened to going on dates? Spending quality time? Meeting each others parents? Actually communicating face to face, instead of through text messages?

It seems like nearly everyone in my generation has issues with trust and thanks to Loyal by Chris Brown, the vast majority of people go around with the mentality that “these hoes ain’t loyal.” With that, I think some people are idiots because aren’t hoes suppose to be unfaithful? Nonetheless, you can’t categorize all people as being the same. Maybe I’m the one with the distorted vision of love, relationships and fidelity. I’ve been lied to and cheated on. I’ve had my emotions played with and trampled on but that has never created a cold spot in my heart. I may be cautious of who I allow to get close to me and of who I trust but I have never let my past be accountable for my future. I’ve always believed that if you are going to give a person a chance, actually give them a chance. You can’t let past heartbreak stop you from loving. You can’t let someone else breaking your trust stop you from trusting again. And you most certainly can’t make someone be accountable for what another person did to you.In my opinion, people in my generation are damaged emotionally. Too many of us do not know how to forgive and move forward and so many of us fail to realize that forgiveness is for our own peace. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic but I still believe in true love. I believe in unconditional love and I believe that there are still faithful people in this world.


Are we all doomed by these dark clouds of bias views about the opposite sex?


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