Balancing stones

With students being back in session at my job, trying to write everyday, trying to master the Word (The Bible) and school being back in session for myself…life is hectic. I purchased a planner hoping that it will keep me organized but I’ve come to realize that there are just not enough hours in a day. And a planner isn’t going to work for me, especially since I can’t even remember to write in it. This week alone has been super hectic and work has left my mind feeling drained. Being mentally drained is one of the worst feelings, I’d rather be physically tired. But, I digress. I’ve literally been going to sleep at 9:00. I’ve been working from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and some days later than that. I guess things are a little bit overwhelming right now because the new school just started,we’re hiring and training new staff and students are constantly in need of something. Because work has had meso tired   and mentally worn out, I have even been neglecting my writing, Youtube channel and my blog. Today I realized that  I have to pull it together before I lose my mind. I have to find some kind of balance between work, school and my personal goals. It makes no sense to me, to put more effort into my job than I do for my personal goals. At the rate I’m going I’ll never dedicate time to what I truly want to do in life and that doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t plan on and have never saw myself doing what I’m doing now for the rest of my life. At this point I’m being counterproductive in relation to my personal goals. The last thing that I want to do is give up on myself and my life long goals for a job that is a temporary part of my life. 

I say all of that to say this. All of us need a healthy balance between work, school and our personal time. You shouldn’t spend the entirety of your day working and neglecting everything else in your life…and vice versa. It is important to have a separation between your day to day responsibilities and giving yourself time to rest your mind and body. It is impossible to do everything in one day,eventually you will shut down and not do anything. Pace yourself. Take things as they come. Lastly,learn to manage your time and your task.  

“No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.”
-Louise L. Hay

Until next time,

-Amber ❤️


New York,New York!

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting New York for the first time!  I haven’t been any where as an adult so that alone made me excited. I was excited to see some place other than Michigan and Ohio. My sister and some friends drove from Ohio to Manhattan,New York. Our hotel was literally blocks away from New York City (The Time Square Area). Let me start by talking about the hotel. We stayed at the New York Palace. It was beautiful. We were considered special guest so we got a seperate check-in area,we were greeted with complimentary water and champagne.  The room was on the 49th floor and had an AMAZING view of New York. The bathroom was amazing and even came with a bode. It was truly a luxury room. Would I stay there again? No,because it is too expensive but we all deserved the one time experience. Beyond experiencing the room, I was not only able to see the Broadway musical Chicago starring Brandy but I was actually able to meet her. She was super down to earth and friendly. After the musical we walked around the city and grabbed some food. I always see how infamous New York is for their giant pizza slices(Forgot the name). I wasn’t impressed with the place that we went. We also tried Toasties. Wendy Williams always rants about the restaurant but it was also nothing to write home about. A bellman at the hotel told us that we should try Raffles. It was good food but seriously over priced. $49 for a small glass of Apple Juice,a small fruit cup and a bacon and cheese omelette with potatoes and toast. In Detroit I can get that for like $10.  We walked the street fair on 42ndand  Leonex. Before we hit the road my friend and I took the subway for our first time. Man,its hot down there! We managed to not get lost,I enjoyed the experience. We even ran into a few taleted people who performed on the subway and throughout Grand Central Station. We took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Lastly,we ended our trip by visiting the 911 Memorial,it was beautiful . The memorial had a sense of peace although there were hundreds of people crowding around it and traffic on the next few blocks. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed myself. I hated how aggressive the drivers were and how rude the people were. It definatly is a lot of hustle and bustle im New York and Manhattan. The taxi cabs and cars will practially try to run you down even if it is your turn to cross the street. It is also so funny how people will try to hustle you out of a few dollars. There is so much walking. I must have sweated off a few pounds,my pants aren’t as tight. My body,well my legs hurt but that came from running down 49 flights of  stairs at the hotel (Crazy challenge). I also don’t like how their sanitation system works,you literally leave your bags of trash on the street to get picked up. But the city itself is beautiful and is full of talent. 

I defiantly want to return and see other cities like Brooklyn and Harlem. I have so many memories, and I’m blessed to have had this experience. It was defiantly a great weekend. 

See you all at the same time and place next week,