The Walking Dead


I guess this post came about as I was in the bathroom last night thinking about how I would be one of the first out of the game if there ever was a zombie apocalypse. I know, I know…the weird things I think about. This blog is extremely different than the things that I usually write. But, I think you’ll see the logic behind my post…or maybe not so much.

 Last year I started watching The Walking Dead. I  watched one episode and was hooked. I spent an entire week binge watching all of the seasons. Clearly, I have no life! I usually don’t like zombies, blood and guts but dammit, the show is awesome! However, for a while I was annoyed because the show was turning into a soap opera and some of my favorite characters were being eaten alive back to back. When T-Dog was chewed up, I was upset. I was just starting to like him. I wasn’t surprised or the least bit upset when Noah was killed on the last season but that was just out cold. Tyreese was just stupid I saw his death coming but I liked his character. He was far too gullible to survive much longer. I was devastated when Hershel was killed, did we really have to behead him? Geesh!. OMG, and when Beth died I almost cried. She didn’t deserve that swift bullet to the head.  I think her death shocked America the most. And let’s not forget how the farm went to hell because of poor little Sophia. Prior to that, little Otis was killed because of shady Shane. At-least we still have Daryl, Rick, Carol,Maggie, Michonne, Glenn and Sasha…some of the greatest survivors!

The first episode of the new season was extremely confusing and boring. I started to call it quits on the show. But then last nights episode…episode 2 of season 6 took the cake. There was way too much action and way too many surprises for my life. Carol showed up and showed out proving why she is one of my favorite characters. Despite the deaths in the camp she held down the fort and reminded us of who not to f%$! with. That brings me to my overall point of this post. I would want someone like Carol on my team. Someone who won’t hesitate to have you look at the flowers, someone who will stab you in the brain to end your pain, someone that will give you cookies,lots of cookies for keeping your mouth shut… Who wouldn’t want someone like that watching their back? With someone like Carol l might actually have  a chance at surviving in the f&%$ed up event that there really was a zombie apocalypse.

Who would you want to have your back? Something weird to think about,right?


Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

You know what I find most interesting about The Walking Dead? Folks don’t really have anything but each other, yet they’re are still trying to kill one another.


Eye of the Tiger!


Have you ever presented an idea or goal to someone and they ripped the very thought apart? They tell you all of the reasons why the idea is ridiculous. How your goal is unattainable. Never once do they try to encourage you. They won’t suggest ways to improve, or build from the idea and/or goal you’ve set your mind towards. They completely suck the life out of whatever thoughts you have.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing people doing just that. They’ve been very dismissive towards my goals and philosophies towards my future. Not only has this been happening at work but it has also been taking place in my personal life. I feel that people try to talk me out of things that they don’t understand or ideas that they can’t mentally picture. I’ve been very combative with myself about this. Thankfully enough, a friend helped me remember that I can’t allow people to talk me out of my goals, simply because they don’t understand my vision. I’ve come to the realization that some people won’t try to visualize my ideas and they have no intention on trying to understand them. Everyone will not understand your aspirations or support them and that’s okay. Nobody on this earth can see your vision as clear as you can. Through history some of the most brilliant ideas were ridiculed. Many of the greatest inventors, scientist, authors and artist were doubted. That alone should boost your confidence, you could very well be the next scientist or poet to be mentioned in history books.

Regardless of who doubts your vision, do not become discouraged. Don’t allow people to strip you of your creativity and passions because they don’t understand your imagination or where you intend to carry your vision. Invest in yourself and invest in your ideas. Have faith that what you visualize will come to pass. Stop doubting yourself because others have invested more doubt than faith in you. Maybe you have one-thousand supporters or maybe you don’t have any, either way…believe in yourself. You are gifted and you are meant to be great!