Dating Nightmare!



I realize that I haven’t written a blog in a little over a month. I don’t have a valid excuse for my absence other than the fact that I haven’t felt inspired to actually write a blog. I’m not sure that I’m  inspired at the moment to write anything now either. But, nonetheless I’m here!

Can we talk about dating in 2015 for a moment? I probably haven’t been in a serious relationship since 2012 or 2013. I’ve quote on quote “talked to people” and I guess semi-dated people but again, nothing serious.

The Liar: I recently met someone, in the beginning I loved getting to know this person. He was funny, listened and kept me entertained mentally then it all changed. He starting telling lies, calling me drunk and an array of other things. I immediately blocked his number and wanted nothing more to do with him.

The Bug-Ah-Boo: In the beginning he was nice, sweet and I could tell he had been hurt by a lot by women in his past. After a while he turned into a needy nuisance.  He never wanted to talk on the phone he only wanted to text which was a red flag to me. He disagreed with me when I said text messages were not a proper for of communication. I blocked his number as well. It seems like most people in this day and age only want to text.

Distant Lover: He was pretty cool. He had a good head on his shoulders but he stays back home in Detroit. Seeing each other every couple of weekends wasn’t enough for him, which is understandable. We held onto each other as if we were going to make a relationship work but we both knew it wouldn’t.

Outside of the above three men, I’ve met a few others who were interesting to say the least. Of those people, some only were looking to “hook up” this whole “Netflix and Chill” concept seems to be the talk of the town,no thank you. Others were too immature mentally or simply weren’t on the same track as me when it came to life plans and building  a future. I’ve also met several people who are afraid of loving someone and those who are afraid of being loved and/or cared about by a woman.

Dating is so frustrating and this process of getting to know people and then having them fall off the face of the earth, or  having them completely change their persona is quite annoying. Too many people don’t see marriage as the ultimate goal of dating and too many people don’t want a monogamous relationship or have such deeply embedded trust issues that they don’t even  believe  that monogamy exist. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, living in a world of “hooking up” but I still believe that Mr. Right is out there. I have faith that there is a man out there especially for me. If not,  I ‘ll just call it quits and become a cat lady.



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