Veggie Delight!



So if you read my previous blog you’re fully aware that I’m not eating meat for the entire month of February. So far, so good! During week one, I tried veggie burritos, salads full of different types of veggies, fruit and veggie smoothies, veggie stir fry and I even tried a veggie sandwich. I went an entire week doing pretty well. I avoided eating a lot of bread, pasta and sweets. I drank a  gallon of water every day and didn’t drink any juice or pop with the exception of orange juice. I attempted to work out but that didn’t  go all that great but I’m hopeful that I will get into a daily routine of some sort of physical exercise. All in all, I’m happy with my first week. I can see the difference in my energy and my digestive system. I’m not sure if I’ve lost any way because I’m a moron and don’t weigh myself…I digress.

Week two began yesterday. Between yesterday and today I’m off to a rocky start. I still haven’t eaten meat. Nonetheless, last night I had a small veggie pizza and yes I ate the entire thing and washed it down with a Cherry Pepsi then today I had a Sprite. Not too bad but I was trying to stay away from pop, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I still have been drinking plenty of water but I haven’t reached my gallon a day point,yet. Although the original goal was just to stay away from meat, I’ve incorporated a few additional things to avoid in hopes of maintaining a healthier and more balanced diet.

So far not eating meat or poultry has taken me out of my comfort zone, I’ve been forced to try new things. I realized that I actually may be able to be a long term vegetarian or perhaps even a long term vegan. I do miss chicken tenders but I haven’t had a dire yearning for them. Thus far, it has been an interesting journey. I can’t lie, the first few days were difficult. A few of my students were eating KFC and I found myself wanting a piece when I don’t even like KFC.  I think resisting temptation was the hardest part but I overcame the challenge. Oddly enough, I enjoyed the veggie burger I made way more than I can ever recall enjoying a beef or turkey burger. As far as saving money, I’m not sure if I saved anything but I’m get more for my buck. Groceries last way longer than eating out even if I’m spending more money on groceries it is a way better value than buying food out every other day.

Today’s overall message… You never know what you can or can’t do until you try. You won’t know if you like something until you try it. You won’t know if you can accomplish something until you try. Most things fail or succeed simply based on the way you think. Adjust the way you think and watch so many things change.




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