Sink or Swim

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Here we are ladies and gents,days away from Donald Trumps inauguration. He’s soon to be the 45th president of the United State of America, the free world, the home of the brave, the land of the free…

A vast majority of people are on edge and they have plenty of reason to be. As I gallivant through my social media timelines, I continue to see “Hey,big head” memes directed at Canada. I’ve also seen,”Don’t let your president be the reason you get your ass beat” and “He’s not my president”, memes as well.

It’s a given, Trump doesn’t have the greatest track record with the American people; especially women, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, small children and perhaps animals. He doesn’t come off as well versed about politics and often dances around questions from both the media and his political opponents. From the outside looking in, he doesn’t appear to have any idea about how to run a country or the oval office. I mean come on, he can’t even properly blend his makeup.

Despite the circus that both he and his campaign parade around, he is in fact going to be our leader. While we may disagree with his viewpoints and sometimes idiotic messages, we shouldn’t pray for his downfall. As president, if he fails, we as nation fail. Think of Donald Trump as the captain of a ship and the ship he is navigating is America. If the captain sinks, so does the ship, so do “WE THE PEOPLE.”


On the bright side, this country has overcome greater hurdles than Trump, and we shall overcome this.

Keep on, keeping on!



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