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Fat Girl Blues



So, January 1st came and went. Ah, another year of high hopes and expectations! While everyone has that “New Year, New Me” shit going on,I never make a New Year resolutions. I feel that any time and any day is a perfect day to attempt to make change and to better ones self, not just when the calendar rolls around but to each its own. However, this year is a bit different. I haven’t made a resolution this year either but I’m attempting to lose weight and exercise regularly. In 2013 through some of 2014 I was going to the gym with my co-worker and I was seeing results. My diet had changed somewhat but not drastically. I mainly just worked out and increased my water intake. People were telling me that I was losing weight and I even saw the difference in some of my clothes. Once I moved to Ohio,I stopped going to the gym and with my schedule I just would order pizza or stop somewhere and get something on the way home because it was convenient. It wasn’t until recently that I looked at myself and realized how much weight I had put on over the last few months. I’ve always been chunky and it never bothered me but recently I really dislike my body and my size. I want to drop at-least five pants sizes and tighten up. My stomach has to go and I want to tone up my thighs. I don’t mind having meat on my bones but at this point its just a tad bit too much.

I’m going to try to cook everyday and make healthier meal plan decisions. I’m also going to cancel my gym membership that I don’t use anyway. I intend to start doing a Zumba workout from home at-least four times a week. I intend to drink more water and try to cut out pop completely and keep my juice intake to a minimum. I also have to eat less sweets. I admit, that I love ice cream. I’m attempting to muster up the courage to do a meatless month,most likely I’ll start that in February.

While this isn’t a resolution, it is something I want to tackle this year and carry it into the future. I also hate the word “diet” it makes me feel like I’m on punishment. I refuse to go to the extent of saying that I’m dieting.  I’m simply adapting to a healthier way of eating and living. My goal is to drop at-least three pants sizes by May before I go to Georgia.

Why is it so difficult to lose the weight but so easy to gain it…UGH!

We’ll see what happens…