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Dating Frenzy


I was recently asked did I plan on dating. I was amused, yet shocked by the question,mainly by who asked the question. Until I was asked did I plan on dating, I hadn’t put much thought behind the idea. Would I like a boyfriend, of course. But do I actually go out to meet men, or even come off as if I’m looking for a man, no. I’m not even sure why that is, maybe I’ve just gotten so used to being alone. I can’t even remember the last time I met a man and actually took him seriously. I guess that’s why I haven’t attempted to go and wrangler up potential suitors. Also, my last serious relationship broke me emotionally, I’m somewhat afraid to jump back into the dating ring because of that.

I was also asked had I tried online dating. I laughed. Most dating sites are filled with men looking for someone to have a fling with and not necessarily someone to build with. And, I most certainly do not want to pay for sites such as I’ve created profiles on dating sites in the past but eventually remove them simply because you have to pay for a subscription and/or because the process becomes so redundant.  I don’t feel inclined to pay a company to find me a mate, if that’s the case, I’ll just stay single.

I haven’t seriously dated someone in over a year. I’ve held plenty of conversations with men but none of those conversations interested me enough to get to know the men further. Most men don’t even know how to hold a conversation better yet maintain a relationship. Do I sound bitter? I guess I’m just tired of the whole talking for a few weeks then having the guy change practically over night. The whole process of dating is annoying.

Despite my reservations,I guess eventually I’ll have to get a grip and jump back into the dating scene. After all, I would like to get married and build a family. But for now, I guess I’m just focused on getting to know myself better and focusing on what I want in life.