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Hello everyone!

I decided to make my very first blog post an introduction. I want my readers to feel close to me. But before I jump into all of the juicy details about who I am, let me jump start this post by briefly discussing why I started this blog.  I’ve blogged before, from random topics, to co-blogging about  issues facing plus size women. In previous blogs, I failed to be consistent or I simply lost focus on the purpose of the blog ,which eventually made me lose interest in writing a blog all together.  I finally feel somewhat grounded and know what direction I want to take my blogging. With all of that said, I created this blog to share my dreams and to encourage others. I want to share my doubts, my fears and my accomplishments. The name “Regurgitated Dreams” means to keep bringing up your dreams and keep them fresh in your mind. Maybe a million people will read my blog, maybe nobody will but I feel that this is something that I need to do for myself and hopefully down the line my post will encourage someone.

Now,about me…Amber!


Welp, I’m a  Michigan native but I recently moved to Ohio for career reasons. I love cooking, writing, and listening to music. I’m an animal lover, more so dogs than I cats.  I don’t like snakes or pretty much anything thing that flies or that has more than four legs. Does that still make me an animal lover?  I have never been married and I don’t have any children. I am 24, I was born December 5, 1990. I’m anxious to be 25, I feel like the next year is going to bring great things for me. I’m the youngest of four. I grew up in Detroit with two of my siblings and my parents. I’m one of those people that will go to the extreme for my family. I’ve never been a social butterfly, I’m probably socially awkward to some people.  I guess I spend too much time alone…Lol! I’ve never been good at going into detail about myself so I just throw randoms information together.  But, it is me in a nut shell.